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Takafumi Horie (a.k.a. Horiemon) in Milan

17/11/2019 (SUN)

Takafumi Horie is one of the most successful Japanese businessman, investor and entrepreneurs in multiple fields.
He founded the startup that launched Japan’s first privately developed rocket “MOMO3” into space in May 2019, attracts strong international attention for his activities to raise awareness of ‘Wagyu’ (Japanese beef), and is the author of more than 100 best-sellers.


What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Italy’?
I guess many of you think of delicious food and wine.
So why don’t we talk about that?


Space business is popular in Europe.
There are many startups in the field in Italy, along with Germany and France.
Let’s discuss about the space business with people at the forefront of the topic in Italy.


What is Horiemon Festival?

Horiemon Festival is an entertainment event focusing on conversations between the Japanese entrepreneur Takafumi Horie (Horiemon) and top guest speakers, as well as several topics like gourmet and music.
After organizing the first event in February 2017, Horiemon Festival has been held around the world. Until February 2019, it took place 17 times in several locations in Japan, Cebu in the Philippines, Cambodia, Shanghai, Estonia and Paris. More than 20,000 people enjoyed this event until now. The next event will be held in Singapore in October and in Milan in November 2019.


Guest feedback from the past event

Seeing Takafumi Horie and the event was so inspiring. It opened my mind and widened the perspective. I was thrilled to see him in action, even though I had read his books and seen his YouTube etc (Tokyo, N.M)



Event Location

「TENOHA MILANO」is the first overseas store of TENOHA DAIKANYAMA (Tokyo). It is a business complex which offers “new work style” and “new lifestyle” experiences. TENOHA MILANO was opened in the Milan Naviglio area in April 2018. TENOHA MILANO develops Japanese contents and products through a fusion of elements from Milan and Tokyo. While only a year has passed since its opening, many Japanese companies and local public organizations choose TENOHA MILANO as an entrance to their expansion to Italy and Europe.



Takafumi Horie is one of the most successful Japanese entrepreneurs in multiple fields.
He founded the startup that launched Japan’s first privately developed rocket “MOMO3” into space in May 2019, attracts strong international attention for his activities to raise awareness of ‘Wagyu’ (Japanese beef), and is the author of more than 100 best-sellers.
Come to get the inspiration by Takafumi Horie in Italy, “the country of culture and tradition”.



Hiro is known as Chef, cooking teacher, master Japan producer and TV personality.
He is nominated as a goodwill ambassador for spreading Japanese food by Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in March 2019.
His book “Washoku - beauty of Japanese food” is published by Giunti.



Director of Alba International

White Truffle Fair Association

Born in Biella in Piedmonte. Prior to the current position, he was the Director of the promotion and hospitality of Biella from 2001 to 2018.
Maste of the ‘Tourism innovation manager’ for the Presidency Council of ministers. Department of Tourism. Public administration of Caserta. From 1997 to 2001, Director of GAL Valle Elvo, community initiative of LEADER II.


Founder and CEO of Cesarine

Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks. Travelers can experience culinary traditions from local hosts such as cooking homemade pasta together and taste traditional regional cuisine.


Founder of a scale-up company and a leading player in the 'in space transportation’ segment.

D-Orbit provides solutions covering the entire lifecycle of a space mission, including mission analysis and design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, testing, launch, and end-of-life decommissioning. Luca is an aerospace engineer with a Ph.D. in advanced space propulsion. He is also an expert at the Space Advisory Group of the European Commission, and President of AIPAS



Chief Technical Officer of





Co-founder and CTO at Leaf Space Srl., which provide ground segment services for microsatellite with effective and tailored approach. Giovanni has Master Degree in Space Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. While at Politecnico, he has also served as President and General Director at Skyward Experimental Rocketry. He has also worked as junior design engineer at D-Orbit srl. His undisputed global vision ability will be of substantial importance to manage the technical aspects of the projects and their proper and effective implementation


President of

Skyward Experimental Rocketry

"Skyward Experimental Rocketry is a student association from Politecnico di Milano composed by aeronautics and space enthusiasts who have voluntarily decided to put into practice their theoretical and practical skills the purpose of building sounding rockets."


Born in Tokyo Japan. She learned calligraphy under Souda Takeda, one of the most famous calligrapher in Japan. While working at a consulting company, she had actively produced calligraphy works and exhibited them both in and out of Japan. In 2018 she resigned the company in order to devote herself to what she really loves and became a professional calligrapher/artist. Since then, she has been producing artworks , providing calligraphy logos, and doing calligraphy performances. Also, she has been organizing calligraphy classes in various locations under the motto of a calligraphy class that makes people smile. In 2019, she founded a company to sell vintage kimono. Now she is aiming the world with kimono and calligraphy.


The price is 130 EUR(VAT).

Please enjoy fantastic experience in Milan.



Gourmet tour

White truffle luxurious tour

A day trip to Alba in the Piedmont region.
After truffle hunting, you will enjoy a lunch at a restaurant at an UNESCO certified castle.
The Piedmont region is well known for the production of the famous Italian wine “Barolo”.


Gourmet tour

Enjoy Milan like a local tour

Visit a local market to find seasonal foods and local’s popular stores.
Why don’t we experience Italian food culture? We are going to visit non-touristic places.


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[Cancellation policy]
“No refunds” - There is no refund for on any account unless the event itself is cancelled.
1: We cannot take any responsibility for participants who has chronic diseases, nettle rash, allergic reaction and is taking medication and under treatment.
2: We cannot accept any responsible for theft or loss of your belongings. Please carry your valuables with you.
3: For those taking part in this event, we cannot be held responsible for any vehicle accidents or incidents on your journey to and from this event.
4: There is no children’s fare for this event. However, there is no need to purchase a ticket for a child below elementary school age if no extra seat is needed.
5: You may be asked to leave the event if our staff determines that your behavior causes trouble to other participants.
6: The event will be held rain or shine. In the event of inevitable cancellation due to a natural disaster, we will inform you about refunds of charges on this website.
7: If the organizer receives any damages in the whole event due to unlawful activity, nuisance, destructive activity, injury, etc., we may claim damages.
8: Guest speakers, event contents and the schedule may change due to unavoidable circumstances. In case of a change, there will be no refund.
We thank you for your understanding.



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